Why You Should Be Watching Adult Entertainment For Educational Purposes

Now we all know that porn (referred to adult entertainment for the rest of this article J) gets a bad rap. We have to hide it in the back of cupboards, clear our internet history and deny all interest in it to our partners and especially our mums! Now I am talking purely about good, healthy sex and lovemaking here, mixed in with hot women and a bit of fantasy here and there. There is certainly plenty of bad stuff out there and I in no way at all condone it. Straight up stuff is fine with me and that’s what I’m talking about!

But what if there was a way that it could be justified, that viewing adult entertainment could be regarded as a selfless act and a true measure of mans continued journey to learn how to pleasure his lady? Imagine watching it for educational purposes and having your wife, girlfriend or partner look lovingly at you, smile and thank you for doing it as if you had just done all the washing and mowed the lawns while you were at it! This would be a wonderful world however I am sure by now, you see the humour and realise that this fantasy is as close to happening as us being involved in some of the plot lines in these films.

So although, you will just about never be able to justify your interest in such films, this does not mean that from time to time you should not actually take the time out to watch these movies and clips from a different viewpoint.

Put aside our male desire to see hot naked women going for it for all they are worth. Put aside the fantasy and imagination these films inspire in us and actually watch some of these movies from a technical observer’s point of view. Sounds a bit weird but you would be surprised on how much you can actually take in and learn from watching the pro’s do their stuff.

Women absolutely love men that can take control in bed and know which buttons on the female body to press, when to press them and how to press them. For the man interested in improving his lovemaking and sexual prowess, this information can be gleaned from many an adult film. Take note of the individual techniques and methods used. Keep in mind how the women are touched and how they respond and more importantly pay particular attention to the way women touch themselves to get off. Oh and by the way, don’t forget to spend plenty of time “researching” those lesbian scenes! If you are going to learn anything about how women like to be pleasured it will be by watching two women go for it! Hard work I know but try and get through it…

Now you will have to take caution here and not rely just on the screams and moans! We all know how vocal these ladies can get and it will be up to you to determine what is real pleasure and what is fake. Good luck with that one!

In conclusion, although you will never be able to justify to your wife or girlfriend that you are watching adult entertainment so you can learn how to pleasure them better, that is no reason why once in a while you shouldn’t watch some for that very reason. You will improve your skills and feel better about yourself for doing so!

So get out there and watch some porn! If you feel you are not getting it then by all means, keep watching it til you do – no one likes a quitter!

Making Love From A Marriage Counseling Outlook

Sex is essential in a marriage and there are several married couples that end up searching for marriage counseling simply because of the unsatisfying sex life. There are numerous facts that are usually mentioned and there are several solutions where you can actually improve your sex life as husband and wife. The dilemma is that we find ourselves creating mistakes because of the very simple reason that we can’t interact.

Talking About Sexual Intercourse

During marriage counseling you will be told numerous things but certainly no strategy could be helpful without talking effectively. The married couple needs to interact and it’s really important that you talk about making love with your better half if ever there is a conflict.

You must be mindful of something that you probably did not know till today. As time passes, married couples become self conscious whenever referring to sex and they might think it is really difficult to talk about affectionate and private issues. It will become simpler to perform the move rather than talking about this. Sad to say, in case the married couple cannot discuss about sex, it’s hard to better their sexual contact. Once the couple learns to go over intercourse, through marriage counseling sessions or a web based marriage counseling system, they are astonished at how open their spouse is to making developments. When you understand each other’s desires, dreads and issues, it’s a lot easier to address them.

Sex as Partner

The partner must be considered as the one individual with whom it’s comfortable to explore something. It’s tough though to attain that point due to the conflict that has been stated previously. Marriage counseling professionals will tell you that it’s a wrong decision to simply talk about sexual contact when you’re inside the bedroom. This is really a bad notion because the discussions are hardly ever going to be successful. Although it might seem counter-intuitive, it is much better to speak about it in a comfortable surroundings outside the bedroom.

When you could go over sexual contact, you have to really discuss about it. There are several partners that go through marriage counseling and say that they do talk about the subject. Then again, at a later point in time, they figure out that they cannot really talk about intercourse. It’s crucial that you see the sexual contact of your spouse as he or she views it.

There are plenty of partners that will wind up being discouraged during marriage counseling meetings considering that most partners don’t understand what their lovers truly need during sex. If you really love your spouse, you will strive to make it matter and to conduct things that he or she enjoys. As an illustration, if he/she has a fantasy, do all that you can to accomplish it. You can be guaranteed that the favor will be returned and the intimate sexual contact is going to be a lot better than it has ever been.

To summarize, marriage counseling and internet based marriage counseling programs tells us that it’s possible to enhance your sex life as well as how to take care of usual lovemaking problems. These methods coach you on how to securely converse about making love as well as how to fulfill each other outside and inside the bedroom. Try to open up and freely go over the topic with your husband or wife. You’ll be astonished of the effects!

The Difference Between Sex and Love

A BBC documentary ‘The Human Body’ presented by Dr Robert Winston films a sex education class.

The teacher, after writing up the word ‘SEX’ in large letters on the blackboard, asks the teenagers to suggest other words associated with sex. Some time later, the teacher asks the class for the one word that is missing and, after a pause, writes the word ‘LOVE’ on the board.

Despite modern contraception, sex still involves the risk of pregnancy, sexual disease and considerable emotional turmoil (!). So we promote the link between sex and love to ensure that young people understand the responsibilities associated with a sexual relationship.

A girl of sixteen came out to the South of France one summer. On her first night she met an Australian whose self-confessed ambition was to lay every woman in the resort. She fell for his chat and blond good looks and lost her virginity. The next day he moved on (mission accomplished so to speak) and she was devastated.

Fathers are protective of their daughters for this very reason. They know that sex drive causes a young man to be highly focused on his own orgasm and that any idea of a relationship is likely to be the last thing on his mind. Since a woman does not get the same easy pleasure from sex, she offers a man short-term pleasure in the hope of longer-term companionship, mutual support and family (or a sense of belonging), sometimes referred to as ‘commitment’.

If young women are hoping for more than a ‘one night stand’ then they are best advised to make a man wait (at least a date or two) for sex. It won’t do a man any lasting harm to wait and if he is interested in you as a person then he will be willing to allow time for trust and respect to develop.

Casual sex is usually about the ego trip
In the long run, most of us find that having sex with someone we know and love adds something special to the experience. But that does not mean that sex and love are the same thing. Sex is raunchy, exhilarating, orgasmic and fun. Love is caring and nurturing. The two can go together or side-by-side but they are different. Women’s sexual expectations in our society are often confused with softer images of love and romance.

Sex education for teenagers (especially girls) should cover not only the reproductive facts but also how they can enjoy a sexual relationship. Most women who experience orgasm do so through masturbation or oral sex. Telling teenagers to limit their sexual experiences to intercourse makes it less likely that a woman might learn how to enjoy her own orgasm. Vaginal intercourse may lead to family but it was never intended to facilitate female orgasm, either physically or psychologically.

“In some cases, it was not even clear to the woman herself whether there had been an orgasm or merely high levels of arousal.” (p199 The Hite Report 1976)

Not every woman is attracted to eroticism and so many women miss out on the sexual fantasies that lead to women’s sexual arousal and orgasm. Shere Hite referred to women’s experience of heightened arousal as ’emotional orgasms’ to differentiate them from real female orgasms. Perhaps the term ’emotional orgasm’ is unhelpful.

Another way of differentiating between women’s experience of orgasm is by asking about the impact of the relationship. Some women explain their experience of orgasm through their relationship and the idea that their partner finds them sexually attractive. Many women never learn to explore their sexuality either through masturbation or through activities other than sexual intercourse and so they miss out on enjoying sexual pleasure and their own sexual arousal and orgasm.

A woman who enjoys orgasm through masturbation can enjoy orgasm quite separately from her relationship because her sexual psychology is driven through sexual fantasies. Each of these experiences is no better than the other but simply different.